Blue Pea Flower Cooler

By shanobiju  

May 5, 2020


1 tbsp Blue pea flower power

1 1/4 cup Water

1 cup Sugar

2 Clove

Ice cubes

Honey or Lemon (optional)


1In a clean saucepan, heat water, clove and sugar for 10 minutes on low flame. Add the blue pea flower powder. Boil for another 5-6 minutes .

2Turn off the heat. Let it rest overnight. Strain the liquid the next day. Store the syrup in a clean glass bottle.

3To serve- Chill the serving glass well.

4Add 3 tbsp of blue pea flower syrup. Add cold water and ice cubes.

5You can also add 1 tsp of lemon juice and 1 tbsp of honey.


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