Boiled Fruit Cake

By shanobiju  

November 27, 2017


80 g Dried berries

1 tbsp Candied ginger ( chopped into small pieces)

200 ml Wine / Rum

Other fruits used..

75 g Dates (chopped)

50 g Raisin

25 g Apricot (chopped)

50 g Glazed cherries ( chopped)

40 g Roasted almond chopped

Other ingredients

150 g All purpose flour/ Maida

1/2 tsp Baking powder

1/2 tsp Baking Soda

40 g Unsalted Butter

1 Egg

115 g Demerara sugar

3/4 tsp Salt

150 ml Hot water


1 tsp Cinnamon powder

3/4 tsp Nutmeg powder

1 tsp Anise seed

1/2 tsp Clove powder

3/4 tsp Dry ginger powder

Orange extract-few drops


Step 1

1Soak the dried berries in wine /brandy. Mix the dry fruits and wine well and store it in cool place for two days. After two days , using a wooden spoon mix it gently and then refrigerate it.

Step 2

1Wash and dry the raisins .

2Remove the seeds and chop the dates into small pieces.

3Keep the glazed cherries ready.Cut them in to small pieces.

4Keep the apricots ready.

5Take 100 gms of soaked berries .Drain the liquid .

6I used Demerara sugar. Brown sugar can be used instead of Demerara sugar.

Step 3

1In a saucepan, add the spices(except orange extract) ,chopped dates , raisin , Demerara sugar and butter .

2Add 150 ml of hot water.

3Let it boil on low heat for 3-4 minutes.

4Turn off the heat .Let it thicken and cool well. Keep it aside. Remaining fruits can be added when cooled.

5Meanwhile pre heat the oven at 140 degrees C. Grease and dust a 8” round aluminium pan.Double line it with parchment sheet. Sift the flour,salt ,baking powder and baking soda atleast 5 times. Keep it aside.

6Place a small bowl of water in the oven.This is to prevent the cake from drying.

7Mix the remaining fruits ( cherry ,roasted almond and apricot) along with the boiled fruits.

8I used cinnamon sticks for the flavour. If cinnamon sticks are used , they should be removed before adding the flour.

9Add gently beaten egg.

Step 4

1Now take 100 gms of soaked berries.It is very important to drain all the liquid. Coat the berries with sifted flour mixture.

2Now gently fold in the flour mixture into the boiled fruits. Do not stir the batter.Fold in very very gently.

3One tbsp of treacle syrup can be added for extra colour.This is optional. Add orange extract. 2 tbsp of Brandy or Rum can be added (optional).

4Transfer the batter into the prepared cake tin.

5Bring the temperature down to 130 degree C.Bake at 130 degree C for 1 hr 20 minutes.

6Check with a wooden tooth pick if the cake is done.

7I baked another cake adding brown sugar instead of Demerara sugar. Followed the same recipe.

9Texture was perfect but lighter in colour.

Pre heat the oven at 140 degrees C with both the top and bottom rods on for 15-20 mins.

Place the batter on the lower rack. Reduce the temperature to 130 degrees C.

As soon as you keep the batter , turn off the top rod .

Let the cake bake with only bottom rod on.

Once the cake is done , turn on the top rod .Turn Off the bottom rod .Increase the temperature to 150 degrees C.

It will take about 6-7 minutes to get a nice  brown crust.

Now turn off the  oven and transfer the cake to the cooling rack after removing the parchment  sheet.

Allow the cake to cool well before slicing.

I use MR40 l ..Temperature of each oven varys.

You can use any locally available dried berries.I used cranberry, blueberry, gogi berries and raisins.

Use good quality dates and raisins for darker colour.


6 Reviews

Shano Biju

November 27, 2018

Pleasure 🤗


November 23, 2018

Thanks for sharing your recipe

Shano Biju

March 1, 2018

Thankyou so much for the lovely feedback..😍

Purnima Samson

February 23, 2018

Did this fr Christmas… Absolutely awesome taste and texture..Pure Kerala cake..My fav..In my to do list every Christmas now..Ty fr sharing❤️

Shano Biju

January 8, 2018

Ashwini..100 gms of boiled fruit mixture plus the others fruits and nuts mentioned.


December 18, 2017

hello Shanu,
Do we add only 100g of the boiled fruit mixture to make this cake or the entire fruit mixture? Pease clarify.

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