Butter cake flavoured with orange juice , orange zest and fresh mint …

By shanobiju  

August 17, 2016


115 g All purpose flour /maida

115 g Butter

115 g Sugar

2 Egg

1/4 cup Water

1/2 tsp Baking powder

1 tbsp Fresh mint paste (thick paste without water)

1 tsp Orange zest

1 tbsp Orange juice

Green food colouring (optional)


1Grease and dust a 6" cake tin . Powder the sugar . Sift the flour and baking powder thrice . Separate egg whites and yolks . Beat egg whites until stiff . Pre heat the oven at 160 degree C.

2Cream butter and powdered sugar well . Add orange zest . Add lightly beaten egg yolks . Beat well.

3Gently fold in flour and water . Add orange juice.

4Divide the batter into two equal parts . To one part add mint paste and a drop of mint green colour if needed .

5Divide the beaten egg whites into two parts . Fold in one part into the mint batter and the other part into the plain batter .

6Spoon in both the batter into the prepared cake tin . Give a gentle swirl on top with a toothpick . Bake for 40 minutes at 160 degree C or until done .


2 Reviews

Shano Biju

May 17, 2017

Yes..Mamata..you can 😊


May 4, 2017

Hello, can I make this cake using 4eggs & using all other ingredients in double quantity in a bigger tin?

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