Chocolate cups filled with peanut butter and white chocolate

By shanobiju  

June 28, 2017


For the chocolate cups

1 cup Dark chocolate

Refined oil -2 drops

10 Small cupcake liners

For the filling

3/4 cup White chocolate

1/4 cup Peanut butter

2 tbsp Coarsely ground roasted peanuts


For the chocolate cups

1Keep the cup cake liners ready.

2Melt the chocolate in microwave. Add oil . Stir it well until it is shiny.

3Coat inside of the cupcake liner with melted chocolate. Refrigerate it for 10 mins .

4Once it is fully set , give a second coat of chocolate. Refrigerate it for 10-15 mins . Let it set. Meanwhile prepare the filling.

For the filling.,

1Keep coarsely ground roasted peanuts ready .

2Melt white chocolate in microwave. Stir it well.

3Mix melted white chocolate, ground peanutand peanut butter well.

4Fill the chocolate cups with the filling .

5Refrigerate it for 10-15 mins

7Once it is set , carefully remove the cupcake liner.


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