English Muffin Buns

By shanobiju  

July 14, 2020

  • Cook: 3 hrs 25 mins


2 cup All purpose flour/ Maida

1 Egg

1 tsp Instant dry yeast

1 tbsp Sugar

1 tsp Salt

3/4 cup Luke warm milk

1 tbsp Melted butter


1In a bowl, mix all the ingredients together except water.

2Add lukewarm water. Knead well for 6-7 minutes.

3Shape the dough into a ball. Place it into a well oiled bowl. Cover the bowl with cling film. Let the dough rise.

4Let the dough double in volume.

5Now gently punch down the dough and divide into equal portions each weighing 25 gms.

6Shape it into small balls. Dust it generously with semolina or cornmeal powder.

7Allow the dough to rise.

8Heat a skillet or a tawa on medium flame for 3-4 minutes.

9Reduce the flame and transfer few of the muffins to the skillet .

10Cook until the bottoms of the muffins are golden brown in colour.It takes around 5 to 6 minutes. Now, flip and cook the other side.

11Transfer the muffins to a cooling rack. Apply salted butter generously.

12Serve with salted butter and Rose pomegranate jam or marmalade.


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