No knead focaccia pizza

By shanobiju  

December 8, 2017


For the dough

2 cup All purpose flour/ Maida

1 tsp Instant dry yeast

3/4 tsp Salt

1 tsp Sugar

1 tbsp Oil

Cold water 1 cup+3tbsp

1 tsp Garlic paste

3 tbsp Olive oil

For the marinara sauce

2 Tomatoes (medium sized)

1 tbsp Garlic paste

1/2 tbsp Coarsely ground black pepper

1 tsp Red chilli flakes

1 tsp Sugar


1/2 tsp Italian herbs

2 tbsp Olive oil

For the topping

1/2 cup Mushroom sliced

1/2 cup Onion chopped

Mozzarella cheese

1 tbsp Oil

1 tbsp Spring onion chopped


For the bread

1In a bowl, mix all the ingredients with a spatula except water.

2Add water.

3Mix it gently. Kneading is not required.

4Dough will be sticky.

5Do not add extra flour.

6Cover it with cling film. Keep it in a cool place for proofing.

7Let it proof for 7 hrs .

9Pre heat the oven at 180 degrees C with both top and bottom rods on.

10In a bowl, mix garlic paste and oil.Heat it in microwave for a minute. Keep it aside.

11Now lightly punch the dough.

12Grease a 8”x7” rectangular tin.

13Transfer the dough into the prepared tin and pour garlic oil liberally and the poke the dough gently all over with your fingers.Cover the tin with aluminium foil.

14Bake it for 17-20 minutes. Take the tin out of the oven.Discard the aluminium foil.Apply salted butter.Keep it back in the oven and bake for 5 minutes until the crust is golden brown. Now remove the tin from the oven .Transfer it to a wire rack .Let it cool for 5 minutes.

For the Marinara sauce

1Meanwhile, prepare the marinara sauce. Mix all the ingredients except oil and Italian spices in a bowl.Grind it coarsely in a food processor. Heat a pan.Add oil .Add the ground mixture.Keep stirring.Add salt and Italian spices. Let the sauce thicken.Turn off the heat. Keep it aside.

2Heat the oven at 150 degrees C with top and bottom rods on.

3Now to prepare the topping..Heat another pan , add oil. Add chopped onion and mushroom.Fry it for a minute.Turn off the heat. Keep it aside.

4Now place the bread back into the tin. Pour the prepared sauce over it.

5Add the toppings.

7Add cheese .Return it back to the oven. Bake for 5-6 mins. Transfer it to cooling rack.

8Sprinkle chopped spring onion.


8 Reviews

Shweta Bansal

June 27, 2021

It was just perfect.

Shweta Bansal

June 26, 2021

It’s a super recipe. Was finished before it couldn’t taken out from the pan.
Thanks for sharing this

Shano Biju

January 24, 2018

Thankyou so much for the appreciation Swati😍😃

Swati Mehta

January 16, 2018

Hi Shanoji…I tried this with exact measurements. Results were amazing. Every iny family loved and said one of the best Focaccia breads. Easy to make and yummy. I had my doubts while I was making as my dough was more like batter than dough😁result was very nice. Thanks for sharing your heart and yummy touching recipe s..

Shano Biju

January 8, 2018

Thankyou so much for the kind words Tina🤗

Shano Biju

January 8, 2018

Ha ha..🙂
That’s the sweetest compliment I ever received..🙂

Tina mohankumar

December 10, 2017

Awesome. This is so easy and one could make it for a light dinner. Thank you Shano

Armaity k. Pooniwala

December 9, 2017

Shanobiju you share all your recipes from your heart that it makes our tummy smile😊

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