Poached Pear in Elderflower syrup

By shanobiju  

September 18, 2020


4 Pears

2 cup Apple juice

1 cups Water

2 tbsp Lemon juice

1/2 cup Brown Sugar

1/2 cup Elderflower syrup

4 Cinnamon sticks

4 Cloves

3 Star Anise

1 tsp Salt

Grapefruit sliced -half


1Take a large heavy bottom saucepan.

2Heat the liquid, sugar , grapefruit slices and spices.

3Peel the pear and place it into the liquid. Cook on low heat for 30-40 minutes.

4Cook the pear on low heat until soft but firm. It takes about 30 minutes. Remove the pear from the liquid.

5Continue heating the liquid until the liquid is thick and sticky.

6Place the pears back into the liquid. Refrigerate it overnight.


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