Savoury Poppyseed Crackers

By shanobiju  

July 21, 2018


1 cup All purpose flour/Maida

1 cup Wheat flour

1 tsp Baking powder

1/4 cup Potato mashed

1/2 cup Green peas (cooked)

2 tsp Red chillies chopped

1 tbsp Pepper powder

2 tsp Coriander leaves chopped

1 tsp Lemon juice

1/4 cup Cheddar cheese

2 tbsp Poppyseed

1/4 cup Refined oil

1/2 cup Water

2 tsp Salt


1Keep all the ingredients ready.

2Mix the ingredients except water.

3Add water. Pulse it for a minute or two.

5Knead very gently without much pressure. Add 1-2 tbsp of extra water if required.

6Cover it with cling film and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

7Meanwhile pre heat the oven at 140 degrees C with both top and bottom rods on.

8Now divide the dough into two parts.

9Place one portion of the dough between two sheets of cling film.

10Roll it out gently using a rolling pin.

12Cut it into desired shape.

14Line a rectangular tin with parchment sheet.

15Bake at 150 degrees C for 20 minutes.

16Transfer it to a wire rack.Let it cool well.


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