Spicy chicken pie..

By shanobiju  

December 7, 2016

This  pie crust is buttery ,flaky and eggless. Filling can be of your choice.

I use 200 ml standard measuring cup..




For the dough

1 1/4 cups All purpose flour/ maida

1/2 cup Cold salted butter cut into cubes

2 1/2 tbsp Cold water

For the filling

3/4 cup Minced chicken

1 Onion

1 tsp Garlic paste

1 tbsp Black pepper powder

2 tbsp Oil


2 tbsp Beaten egg

1 tbsp Cheddar cheese


Method for the filling

1Heat a pan.Add oil . Fry the onion slightly.Add garlic paste. Fry well . Add minced chicken . Add pepper and salt .Cook until dry .Turn off the heat and keep it aside.

2First of all , keep the butter cubes in the freezer for 15 minutes.Let it chill.

3Rub in cold butter into the flour.

4Add cold water little by little. The mixture should be like bread crumbs.

5Knead it gently for a minute or two.

6Divide the dough into two parts. Flatten it into disks .Cover each disk with cling film and refrigerate it for 30 mins .

7After 30 minutes, take one part of the dough and place it between two cling film sheet . Roll it gently using a rolling pin.

9Keep a 4" pie tin ready.

10Transfer it into the pie tin .Trim off the edges. Refrigerate for another 5 mins. Meanwhile pre heat the oven @140 degree C.

11Take the pie to out and prick it with a fork.

12Place it in the oven and bake for 20 mins .

13After 20 minutes , eggwash it gently .

14Keep it back in the oven and bake for 2-3 minutes .

15Pie crust is ready. Fill it with prepared chicken filling .Sprinkle cheese and 2 tbsp of beaten egg.

16Prepare the lattice and place it gently on the crust .

17Egg wash it and bake @ 150 degree C for 25 mins with top rod alone on.


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