Recipe Tag: bakery

Vanilla coffee cake with walnut

This soft and moist double layered cake is flavoured with coffee and vanilla .
I used Davidoff instant coffee for the coffee layer. Finely chopped
walnuts adds a beautiful flavour and texture to the cake .

Tea cake

This is a very moist and soft tea cake or butter cake . I love candied fruits .
I have added candied Raw mango , candied Papaya and candied kiwi fruit.
Lemon juice gives a beautiful , refreshing citrus flavour .
Cream cheese gives a perfect texture.

Pomelo orange sponge cake

A simple recipe and end result is truly delicious and soft.
Pomelo and orange add a citrusy flavour to the cake.
This feather light sponge cake has a beautiful ,perfect texture.
It is oil free and butter free..

Soft buns with spicy chicken and mushroom filling

These buns are very soft buns, spicy and flavoursome. The filling is mushroom and pepper chicken.
The recipe is very simple and easy to follow.

Red wine chocolate cake

I love the texture of this cake . It has a rich chocolate flavour and a light crumb .
The red wine and chocolate pairs well .The wine gives chocolate ,a deep flavour .
Chocolate flavour dominates the cake .
The wine taste is in there .
It is subtle and very mild .

Stuffed focaccia with infused olive oil

Foccacia is an Italian flat bread like pizza but toppings are simple .
This tomato stuffed bread is topped with green and black olives ,cherry tomatoes and onion and is
flavoured with garlic, black pepper and rosemary infused olive oil .

Chocolate orange marble cake

This soft and moist tea cake has a gentle orange flavor .
Cream cheese gives the cake a beautiful texture .
A perfect balance of cocoa and orange flavour .

Orange swiss roll

This citrusy swiss roll is very light and spongy . It is crack free and the texture is perfect !!

Milk bread

I used Water Roux / Tang zhong method for making this super soft bread .Candied fruits makes it very vibrant and colourful .
I used candied fruits instead of tutti frutti .
Candied Guava, kiwifruit and cherry were added. Guava gives a beautiful and refreshing flavour .

Banana cinnamon clove cake

This cake extremely light, soft and moist cake is flavored with cloves & cinnamon . I used demerara sugar infused with real Madagascar vanilla for deep rich golden brown color.This makes a lovely dessert if paired with orange flavored ice cream .